Where is Andorra and How to get there

Posted in Andorra Airport Transfers by Steve Barron on 21st April 2020

Where is Andorra?

We get asked a lot where Andorra actually is – well, it’s a tiny principality nestled between France and Spain (Catalonia) with borders on both sides.   It’s not part of the EU and it offers low taxation on goods which is why it’s such a great value ski area and the reason so many people go back year after year.   The skiing is pretty special too with two main ski areas offering over 186 miles of skiable terrain.


How do I get there?

It’s very easy to get to Andorra – the main airport hubs that you can use are Barcelona in Spain and Toulouse in France.   From both of these you have the option of regular shuttle services to all the resorts making it very convenient and easy to reach.

Barcelona has shuttles every 2 hours daily to and from Andorra and Toulouse offers three services daily.    These are an economical way of getting to the resort and the services are quick and reliable.    Most major airlines offer regional routes to both these airports so you will have a large choice of flights to buy and the prices are often low especially when you book up early.

If you prefer you can also book private transfers too from both airports and these are a good deal if you are travelling in a group.

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The convenience of the shuttle and private transfers means that you don’t even have to stick to a 7 day ski holiday so if you are looking for a long weekend or short ski break then this is a great place to head for!