What’s Good About Skiing in Andorra?

Posted in Andorra Ski Information by Brett on 14th September 2018

Ski Andorra

Sandwiched in between Spain and France you will find a tiny country called Andorra which is able to punch well above its weight in the ski stakes with 175 km of ski areas and 10 million people visiting them each year. These are just some of the reasons to consider Andorra as an alternative to the French and Swiss Alps this year. Let’s delve into some of the other reasons…

The climate In Andorra

What do you consider are the most important things a ski resort should have? Good weather – check, plenty of snow – check, plenty of sunshine – check. The average maximum temperature in Soldeu for example is 1°C with average hours of sunshine between 4 and 5 hours in ski season so you can enjoy a good combination of plenty of fresh snow and sunshine to sit and relax in whenit’s time for a drink.

Skiing In Andorra for all abilities  

Many people have the wrong impression of Andorra’s ski resorts being only for beginners and intermediates. While there will always be people who seek bigger challenges elsewhere there are plenty of places where you can ski or snowboard off-piste in Andorra. There are also guides and instructors who are ready to help you navigate your way around and sessions come with freeride skis and avalanche kits (just in case!). Think of skiing in Andorra as a place for all the family to enjoy.

It doesn’t cost the earth to ski in Andorra

There is a certain snobbishness about ski destinations and you can bet that Andorra’s resorts are not going to be the destination preferred by the elite. But that shouldn’t top you enjoying all the benefits of a great ski holiday in resorts such as Soldeu the 6th cheapest place to go skiing in Europe. Throw in low taxes and duty free and you can enjoy plenty of additional savings.

Top Facilities in Andorra 

Andorra’s ski resorts are well equipped with the latest equipment. Ski lifts are efficient comfortable and reliable. In fact more than 50 million has spent on creating a network of gondolas and detachable chairs alone in the past 2 decades. Yes Andorra is a little bit more expensive than some post-communist Eastern European resorts, but you won’t have to deal with things breaking down too often or runaway ski lifts.

It isn’t the alpine version of Magaluf

Some people believe that Andorra is the Pyrenees’ answer to the booze cruise culture of some of Spain’s sunshine holiday resorts. Yes people can let their hair down and indulge themselves in alcohol apres ski but this is no different to most other popular ski destinations.