Ski and Snowboard Lingo!

Posted in General Ski Information by Steve Barron on 29th April 2020

Ski and Snowboard Slang

If you are a newbie to ski and snowboard then you might want to memorise some of these ski slang and phrases.   Here are a few to get you started :

ski or snowboard

Apres Ski – just as good as the skiing when the lifts close – beers, aperols and dancing on tables 

Bomber – someone flying down the slope as fast as they can often in an out of control fashion

Brain Bucket – another name for a helmet

Carving – clean turns using the edges of your skis or snowboard  you can do large turns or short ones –  carving clinics are great for perfecting your technique.

Death Cookie – small frozen lumps of snow formed by the snow groomers or snow cannons

Dump – A huge snowfall 

Edge – The sharpened metal strip on the sides of skis and snowboards, used for gaining control by biting into the snow for smoother carving and cutting.

First Tracks –  Cutting through fresh snow before anyone else does, make sure you take a picture of your perfect trail.

Freerider –  someone who who prefers to ski off-piste, loves powder snow days and the back country

Freestyle –  A style of skiing or snowboarding primarily focused on tricks.

Jib/Jibbing – Riding your snowboard or ski over something that is not snow – box, rail etc and you often find these in a snowpark area

Kicker – a man made jump so you can perfect those tricks

Magic Carpet – this is a moving carpet lift normally found on the beginner slopes to get you to the top of a slope.

Moguls – large bumps formed in the snow

Park Rat – someone who spends most of their time in a snowpark and usually wears oversize gangster style clothes!

Planker – slang word for a skier

Powder –  fresh pure snow that has just fallen and when you ride or ski on it there is a feeling of floating or surfing – make sure you can get out though as it can be exhausting if you fall!

Ripper –  A very good skier who “rips” down the mountain with great style

Schussing –  Skiing straight downhill without turning. Tuck your poles in and bend those knees!

Shredder – A really good snowboarder who knows what they are doing

Switch – riding with the opposite foot forward for snowboarding or skiing backwards 

Twin Tip – tails and tips of skis are turned at the ends making them ideal for skiing backwards and doing tricks – great for freestyle

Whiteout –  when there is no visibility due to fog or too much snow – on these days tree lined slopes are best or the apres bars

Wipeout – basically a fall and some of these can be pretty spectacular