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Which resort is best for groups in Andorra?


Andorra has quite a choice of ski resorts, and the best one for groups ?  Well that depends on your specific group and what you want from your ski holiday. The 2 main ski areas in Andorra are Grandvalira, which is actually the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees, and, in Southern Europe, and Vallnord.   

Grandvalira is a higher altitude area with a wide range of slopes for every level.  So if you are a group with mixed skiing experience, and even beginners, Grandvalira is ideal.   Within Grandvalira you have several resorts, but the resort that tends to be favourite for groups, especially if you are a larger group, would be Pas de la Casa.  

Pas de la Casa is probably the largest ski and snowboard resort in Andorra and has one of the best ski & snowboard schools catering for all ages and abilities, from the beginners in your group,  through to the advanced, more experienced skiers.  There are a good choice of equipment hire shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.  Pas de la Casa also offers a wide range of accommodation at every level for all budgets.  With a large number of self-catering facilities as well as both budget and 4 star hotels, your group can be accommodated quite easily.  Then there is the apres ski  !!!   Pas de la Casa has so many restaurants and bars that you are spoiled for choice and well catered for.  The nightclubs are a favourite for the livelier groups that want  to continue the après ski until the early hours.   Pas de la Casa is probably the liveliest of all the resorts in Andorra and very popular with groups of younger adults who seek the combination of ski and night-life.

Soldeu is another firm favourite resort in the Grandvalira area.  Soldeu, like Pas de la Casa, has excellent ski & snowboarding schools to help all abilities within your group.  Soldeu is quite a compact  resort,  with mainly good quality hotels boasting excellent facilities.  A lot of the hotels are quite large, so can easily fit larger groups wanting to travel together.   Soldeu is particularly popular if you are a group that takes your skiing and snowboarding more seriously.   The apres ski is not as “lively” as in Pas de la Casa but there is still a great atmosphere.  Soldeu is not always as budget friendly, due to the categories of the hotels, as Pas de la Casa.

Vallnord is the other main ski area in Andorra.  Not as large or as high altitude as Grandvalira, but can still boast excellent skiing and great ski-schools.  Vallnord has two main ski areas; Arinsal and Pal.   Vallnord tends to be slightly more budget friendly than Grandvalira, and is extremely popular with smaller groups,  families and, especially, beginners.  Arinsal is, without a doubt, the main attraction for groups in the Vallnord area.

Arinsal is a very picturesque village-type resort that has an excellent range of accommodation to suit everyone.  The après ski, whilst not as lively and hectic as in Pas de la Casa is a very social experience.  Arinsal, for its size, offers a large range of restaurants and bars to suit everyone's taste.   If you are a group, with non-skiers, Arinsal and Vallnord in general, offer a lot of other activities apart from skiing and snowboarding, for those that might not want to take to the slopes every day.  The great advantage with Arinsal, is its proximity to the capital, Andorra la Vella, where, using reliable public transport, your group can go for some duty free shopping, a trip to Caldea, (the largest spa in Southern Europe), and check out some of the best restaurants and bars that Andorra has to offer.  

If you are travelling as a group, you basically need to consider various factors including budget, size of your group, skiing and snowboarding ability and the social aspect.  The great thing about Andorra is that it has somewhere for everyone - the choice is yours !


Which resort in Andorra is best for young people?


Andorra has many resorts to choose from depending on the type of ski holiday that you are looking for. For those of you that are looking for a vibrant nightlife together with great skiing and snowboarding, Pas de la Casa is the perfect place.  Pas de la Casa is the largest resort in Andorra and is a high altitude resort close to the French border.  There are plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs for those of you that enjoy a lively apres ski scene that often continues into the early hours, making it the Andorran “mecca” for younger adults.  

If you are looking for lively nights combined with great skiing and snowboarding,  Pas de la Casa is your resort.  Young people often travel in groups, and Pas de la Casa offers a good choice of self catering studios and apartments that can  make your holiday more affordable than some of the hotels, and,  without the restriction of breakfast and dinner time tables.  The skiing and snowboarding are fabulous too and Pas de la Casa offers easy access to the Grandvalira ski area, making it one of the favourites for the winter sport activities.  The ski and snowboard schools in the resort are very popular  and economical to either learn or to improve your skiing and boarding in a friendly group environment.

Soldeu, being another high altitude resort in the Grandvalira area,  is also very popular with the young ski and snowboard enthusiasts.  Soldeu doesn't have the same vibrant nightlife that can be found in Pas de la Casa, but it still offers a good selection of bars and restaurants lending itself to a busy and friendly apres ski mixed with excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions.  Soldeu also offers ski & snowboard schools for both the beginners amongst you, as well as those wanting to improve.  Soldeu is a great option if you prefer a more laid back social scene whilst enjoying some of the best slopes in Southern Europe.  Soldeu, however, due to the higher categories of most of its hotels, is not always the most budget-friendly resort which many young people seek.

Arinsal, which is part of the Vallnord ski area, is also a great destination choice.  Arinsal has a popular apres ski with a variety of bars and restaurants to choose from but without the hectic, lively nightlife of Pas de la Casa.  You will find that Arinsal is a much more budget friendly resort than Soldeu and Pas de la Casa. It's the perfect resort for you if you are a beginner or intermediate, and you can take advantage of the group ski lessons at the ski-school. 

Arinsal offers a range of hotels and self-catering apartments to suit all pockets. Arinsal and the nearby town of La Massana, are the ideal locations for those young adults that are just starting their ski and board experience without breaking the bank.  Here, you also have the advantage of being a lot closer to the capital, Andorra la Vella. With good public transport connections you can venture out and sample the duty free shopping, excellent restaurants and many other cultural activities that the capital has to offer, including the famous Caldea Spa, the largest spa in Southern Europe.

In the end, the best resort for you, as a young person, depends on your  interests and what you are looking for from your ski holiday.  Whether it be the lively nightlife, the excellent skiing conditions or the budget, there is a resort to suit you.

Which resort in Andorra is best for families?


Andorra is a firm favourite for families that are both experienced and novices.  It is particularly popular with British and Irish families who can fly to Barcelona or Toulouse in approximately 2 hours, cutting out the need for long haul flights.   Shuttle transfers from both of these airports are regular making it an easy ski destination which is often a priority when travelling with children.

The larger ski resorts in Andorra cater perfectly for families offering ski-schools and kindergartens for children of all ages and skiing ability.  From kindergarten for our tiny tots, and Snow Garden for the little beginners and onto  the group lessons for the older children who are either starting or already have some experience,  Andorra really does offer it all and that is why it is considered one of the most family-friendly ski destinations in Europe.  The kindergartens and ski-schools also give you, the parents,  some free time to cover the pistes at your own pace without worrying about the kids.  There is a choice of half-day care and even full-day care where the kids are introduced to the snow with games and activities by specialised monitors and so, rest assured, that the little ones are also having a great holiday.

For you to choose a resort you need to take into consideration various factors.  The age of the children, skiing ability, amenities and budget are all factors that are important when choosing your family ski holiday.

Soldeu and El Tarter, which are adjoining resorts in Grandvalira, are definitely one of the most popular areas for families.  Most of the hotels in this area are of a higher standard and the amenities cater perfectly for families.  Some of the hotels also offer “kids clubs” to entertain the children when they are not on the pistes, giving you extra free time to enjoy the après ski!!  A number of the hotels have indoor pools, spas & fitness facilities which are very popular, but take note that some will charge extra for the use of these.  Soldeu is quite a compact resort which also means that it is not usually far to walk for the gondolas and ski lifts which is an important factor when travelling with smaller children.   The hotels that are further away often have a free shuttle service to take you there.  There are many self-catering apartments and studios which are also popular with some families that don't want to be restricted by eating times when there are smaller children and babies.  The resorts boast very popular ski and snow-board schools catering for absolutely everyone in your family, whatever their age and ability.  Soldeu and El Tarter, whilst being  very popular, are not always the most economical resorts in Andorra, so, if budget is a large factor for your family, you may have to consider other options

Arinsal, which is located in the Vallnord ski area, is renowned as a family friendly resort.  It is a picturesque village that offers great ski-schools for all ages and abilities.  Kindergarten for the very little ones is also a possibility.   There are a range of slopes for both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders to enjoy.  There are plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes giving a friendly and lively atmosphere for aprês ski.  There are often outside activities in the village for the whole family to enjoy.   There are a variety of hotels of all different categories and also plenty of self-catering apartments.  If you are travelling with younger children it is a good idea to look for the higher category hotels that have children's amenities.   The Princesa Parc Mountain Resort sister hotels are considered the flagship hotels of Arinsal and have plenty of amenities for the whole family, including  modern spa, fitness and wellbeing facilities, an indoor bowling alley and games room for the children.  Again, remember that many hotels will charge for the use of the spa facilities, although some hotels, like the Princesa Parc also offer packages to upgrade your stay to include this.  In general Arinsal is lighter on the family budget than Soldeu /El Tarter, which can be an  important factor when choosing your resort

La Massana

La Massana is the administrative capital of the Parish of La Massana (including Arinsal, Anyos, Erts ….) in the ski area of Vallnord.  La Massana has much more of a small town vibe for those families that also want to discover a bit more of the Andorran culture.  There are a variety of hotels and self-catering apartments in La Massana of different categories, with the Magic Ski La Massana, a large 4 star hotel, actually built around the La Massana gondola which takes you to the Pal area of Vallnord.  La Massana, is a budget friendly resort with good public transport links and a variety of supermarkets, shops, bars and restaurants.  La Massana offers ski-schools for all ages and abilities.  The capital, Andorra La Vella is a short bus ride away, should you want to do some duty free shopping and take the kids to the Caldea Spa, which is the largest in Southern Europe.  The “Rossell Forge” museum, which offers guided tours around the old iron forge and gives demonstrations of how the iron was forged in the past, and also the “La Massana Comic Museum” are added attractions for families when not on the pistes.  

Pas de la Casa

A higher altitude resort in the Grandvalira area, Pas de la Casa is a very popular ski resort.  Pas de la Casa is possibly the largest ski resort in Andorra, with a lot of French influence, being much nearer to the French border.  Pas de la Casa offers ski schools for all ages and abilities as well as the added attraction of plenty of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.  It has a small-town feel and is undoubtedly the liveliest ski resort in Andorra attracting a variety of skiers from families to large groups.  There is plenty of choice of accommodation in both hotels and self-catering apartments.  It is important for families with young children to choose their accommodation carefully to ensure that the little ones are catered for.  Pas de la Casa is a very popular resort for families with older and teenage children who enjoy the apres ski.   Pas de la Casa and Soldeu are probably the most popular resorts for the experienced skiing and snowboarding families because of the size and variety of the ski areas. It is important to mention that group snowboarding lessons are only available from 12 years old in the Grandvalira areas. 

Families should take into consideration that when booking for Pas de la Casa, a transfer time from Barcelona is longer and should possibly contemplate flying into Toulouse, which is much nearer and a shorter transfer time.     

As a family, it is important that you reserve your accommodation in plenty of time to ensure that you get the facilities and amenities that you want from your ski holiday, and bear in mind that some of the more popular family-friendly hotels can get booked out quite quickly.  

Which hotels in Andorra have spas?


Many of the larger hotels in Andorra have spa facilities, and even some of the smaller ones have jacuzzi and small wellness centres. The hoteliers are well aware that many skiers enjoy a relaxing jacuzzi or sauna and even a nice massage after a great day on the slopes. For many skiers it is an essential part of their ski holiday experience.

There are also a number of hotels that can boast indoor pools, which is an added bonus for those families travelling with children.  There is almost nothing that makes children happier than a bit of swimming pool time.  

When searching for a hotel with indoor pool and/or spa facilities, you should always bear in mind that most hotels will have a local charge and time limit restrictions for use of these.  There will often be timetables outlining specific times for “children and families” and “adults only” in most hotels.  Booking your spa time would normally be done via Reception at the hotel.  There are, however, a few of the higher-end hotels where use of the spa is free for guests.  Some hotels offer “packages” to include visits to the spa.  A number of hotels will also allow paying non-guests to take advantage of their spa facilities.

Below we have named a number of hotels in each of the more popular ski resorts that have indoor pools and/or spa facilities:


Princesa Parc Mountain resort and spa.   The Princesa Parc and the Princesa Parc Excellence  have a great spa area with indoor pool, jacuzzis, sauna and gymnasium.  There is also a wellness centre to book massages and treatments.  There are time tables for families with children as well as adults only.  Here clients can book in advance for the spa package.  This is the hotel with the largest and most complete spa area in Arinsal.

Hotel Ushuaia.  The Ushuaia Mountain Hotel has a smaller but modern wellness centre including a jacuzzi, sauna and gymnasium.  Massages and beauty treatments can also be booked.  Age restrictions and local charges are applicable.

Other hotels in Arinsal that have spa zones are the Sant Gothard, St Andreu apartments, Hotel Yomo Patagonia.

La Massana

Hotel Magic Ski.  The Hotel Magic Ski, in the centre of La Massana has a complete wellness area: a small, indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and gymnasium. Use of the pool, spa and wellness centre has a local charge. Again, especially in peak season, families with children will have allocated times and the same for adults only.

Hotel Magic La Massana. The Hotel Magic La Massana, located very near to the Hotel Magic Ski also has a complete wellness area which includes an indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna and gymnasium.  Local charges apply for use of the pool and spa area. The wellness area and indoor pool in this hotel, unlike most hotels, is located on the top floor.  Where most hotels have their spa areas on the lower/basement level,  the swimming pool here at the Magic La Massana,  looks out over the mountains and has a glass roof, allowing guests to enjoy the night sky as they are bathing.  

Anyos Park Mountain & Wellness Resort. The Anyos Park is nestled away at a short drive away from La Massana centre and combines both hotel and aparthotel with self catering options.  Here you will find a large spa area including indoor pool, jacuzzis, sauna, turkish bath and gymnasium. Local charges apply according to the package booked.


Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa.  This exclusive 5* hotel, overlooking the pistes of Soldeu, has an incredible spa area with amazing views.  Unrivalled in luxury, the thermal waters even take you outside to enjoy the snow and the views of the slopes.  This is a very special and complete spa and wellness centre that will take your breath away.  Children are not permitted to use the spa.  Non hotel guests can also book to use the spa.

Park Piolets Mountain Hotel & Spa.  This iconic hotel has recently been upgraded to 5* after an extensive refurbishment.  The spa area at the Park Piolets is very special and certainly the crowning glory of this hotel.  The pool area has external views so you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the thermal waters whilst taking in the views of the snowy landscapes.  All the other extras are also there - jacuzzis, saunas, turkish baths, wellness centre, gymnasium…..  Local charges apply.  Age restrictions for children apply (smaller children not allowed).  Non hotel guests can also book to use the spa.

Other hotels in Soldeu to mention would be the Hotel Piolets Soldeu Centre which has an indoor pool as well as spa facilities, the Hotel Himalaia and the Hotel Galanthus.

El Tarter

Hotel / Apartments Nordic. The iconic and very popular Hotel Nordic has an indoor (and outdoor for Summer) swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and gymnasium. This is usually free for guests to use, but may need to be booked in advance in peak season.  

Hotel Euroski. The Euroski has a complete spa area with an indoor pool that enjoys outside views. The Euroski boasts one of the largest indoor pools of any of the resort hotels.  Local charges and restrictions also apply.

Pas de la Casa

Hotel Grand Pas. This centrally located 4* hotel has an indoor pool and a spa area including a jacuzzi and sauna.  Local charges and restrictions apply.

Hotel Magic Pas. One of the most popular hotels in Pas de la Casa, the Magic Pas has a wellness centre that includes a jacuzzi and sauna as well as a gymnasium.  Local charges and restrictions apply.

Some other hotels to mention with spa areas would be the Hotel Font d’Argent, Hotel Sporting, Hotel Camel.lot, Hotel Kandahar.

There are many more hotels in Andorra that offer spa facilities but not to forget that Andorra boasts the largest thermal spa in Southern Europe; Caldea. Caldea is in the capital of  Andorra, Andorra La Vella, and is well worth a visit for the ultimate spa experience. Public transport in Andorra is quite regular and reliable so it is easy to get to and you can combine it with a “shopping day” to make the most of the ride. Caldea caters for families with children as well as “adults only” with specially designated zones which keeps everyone happy. You will find an extensive variety of spa facilities as well as  treatments that can be booked. Just ask at your hotel reception for details.


What is the best month to ski in Andorra?

The ski season in Andorra is typically quite a short season and normally is open from late November/beginning of December into early April, but there are a few factors to take into consideration.     

December is typically very busy (especially Christmas & New Year weeks) and the resorts are normally full of skiers and families enjoying their holidays and making the most of the festive atmosphere.  Likewise, the week including the 6th to 8th December, which is a Spanish bank holiday, is also a very busy period for the resort attracting many Spanish snow-lovers to enjoy the long weekend break.   December is at the start of the ski season in Andorra and therefore snow conditions have to be taken into consideration. In those years when snow has been scarcer at the beginning of the month, the ski resorts work tirelessly to keep the pistes open to ensure that skiing and snowboarding are still possible.

January and February are considered the peak ski months in Andorra, when it comes to snow fall and the conditions on the slopes. The half term week in February (which falls on different weeks, depending on the year) is probably the busiest week of the whole season, along with Christmas & New Year.  There is normally a great family atmosphere throughout the resorts. The ski-schools and snow gardens are often full, so it is wise to get these booked early, especially if you want morning classes.  Snow conditions are normally optimum and, without a doubt, possibly the best months for conditions and taking to the pistes; it is a preferred time for the more seasoned skiers. Peak season and, especially school holidays, can also mean higher hotel prices and less availability, so it is recommended to book your accommodation well in advance.

March and the beginning of April is getting towards the end of the ski season in Andorra, but, again, it is a preferred time for many, especially those that like a more relaxed atmosphere.  Depending on the year, the snow fall is normally beginning to slow down, and the temperatures start to get milder.  It is probably the best time for those skiers that like it quieter, without the groups and the bustle of the earlier months. The early spring, if the weather permits, can be a fabulous time to ski and take in the sunshine. The resorts remain open and the snow cannons keep the pistes topped up when necessary.   You will find the atmosphere in the resorts relaxed and the apres ski, mixed with a bit of sunshine, is very special.  Depending on the weather, the ski stations start closing down by mid April.

The Andorra ski resorts work tirelessly and professionally with great infrastructures to ensure the optimum conditions for skiing and snowboarding throughout the ski season. The month to choose depends entirely on what you prefer from your ski holiday and the snow conditions of any particular season. For families that are dictated by school holidays, it is important to reserve your accommodation well in advance to ensure availability.

What is it like skiing in Andorra in January?

The Pyrenees are particularly beautiful in January and give a fantastic, scenic backdrop for your skiing experience.  

January is possibly one of the best months for skiing in Andorra. The snowfall is normally reliable and abundant with the slopes possibly at their best.  The resorts can also rely on the artificial snow making machines to ensure that the pistes are kept to optimum conditions. January, being one of the coldest months in Andorra, lends itself  to  excellent skiing conditions. 

The average temperature in January is normally around 3 or 4 degrees during the day and about -6 degrees at night, so it is important to wrap up well, with plenty of layers and correct clothing, especially for your apres ski !!!

The first week of January is still officially the festive season, especially for the Spanish who celebrate the epiphany which is called “Kings Day” on the 6th of January.  This is traditionally when the Spanish give their presents, and on the 5th of January there is always an evening parade of the 3 kings (the three wise men, as we know them), with a carnival feel and lots of floats, throwing sweets for the children.  If you choose to visit Andorra over this time, it is worth a trip to the Capital of Andorra La Vella to see their 3 kings parade, especially if you have children with you. They will love it!

With few school holidays, the second week of January onwards tends to change from the December “crowds” and lends itself more to couples and groups of friends, whilst, at the same time remaining very busy.  Accommodation prices are more favourable than the busier Christmas and New Year weeks, however it is still important to book your accommodation as far in advance as possible to not be disappointed.  

Ski-school in January is a great way for beginners to learn the basics of skiing. Andorra offers some of the best and most expert instructors in Europe. It’s also a great opportunity for those with experience to improve their skills. All with the stunning backdrop of the snow covered Pyrenees Mountains. 

All in all, January is the ideal month for skiing if you want good snow conditions, reasonable prices and to avoid the large crowds that come over the festive period. You will not be disappointed. 

What is it like skiing in Andorra in March?

March is a great month for skiing in Andorra. March is termed as the end of the high season in Andorra and is typically a bit quieter than January and February.

Your experience may vary depending on the weather, snow conditions and resort. Staying at the higher altitude resorts in Grandvalira and Vallnord are normally the best choice for favourable skiing conditions. Snow conditions are typically good in March because the resorts have a good base that has been built up during the rest of the season and the snow machines help to keep it this way.  The pistes are always kept in good condition in the Andorran resorts and the snow cannons help to maintain the levels.  

March can be a variable month for weather as the Winter is easing out and the Spring is arriving. So, depending on the year you may find that the daytime temperatures start to rise, especially towards the end of the month. The average temperatures still vary between 7 degrees in the daytime and -4 degrees during the night, so it is still very cold and it is important to dress appropriately with waterproof clothes and plenty of layers.  March has the advantage of longer daylight hours, and quite often, sunny days, so it is important to make sure that you use a good sunscreen, especially for your face and lips. Sunglasses are also important.  

Apres Ski is an important part of the whole ski experience and Andorra offers a lively and vibrant apres ski atmosphere. In all of the main resorts there are bars and restaurants for that special part of the day when you hang up the boots and relax with your family and friends over a nice meal and a few drinks.  

Many skiers prefer to come to Andorra in March because it is not as hectic as the earlier months of December, January and February so skiing is a much more relaxing experience without the high season crowds.  Notwithstanding it is still a popular month and it is recommended that your accommodation and holiday extras are booked in advance to avoid disappointment.  Accommodation is often more economical in March with greater availability, but leaving your reservation until the last minute is not always a good idea.  Some of the best bargains with plenty of choice are often “bagged” when booking ahead, especially for families and groups of friends..   

Some families, especially those with younger children, prefer to come in March because it is generally quieter and less crowded.  Ski-schools and kindergartens are easily accessible with plenty of choice.  



What is it like skiing in Andorra in February?

Skiing in Andorra in February can be a fantastic experience for winter sports enthusiasts. Andorra  is known for its excellent ski resorts and favourable skiing conditions during the winter months, apart from providing the most scenic backdrops in the Pyrenees.  

Andorra has everything to offer for the winter sports enthusiasts with both cross country skiing, downhill skiing and also snowboarding.  You will find hundreds of kms of runs to choose from.

February is termed as peak season and is probably the most popular month for skiing due to the excellent snow conditions.  The snow base is usually very good and the pistes and slopes are kept well managed and maintained at all times.  The higher altitude resorts such as Grandvalira and Vallnord have reliable snow cover throughout the month of February making skiing conditions excellent and the ski resorts work tirelessly to keep the standards optimum.

As well as the usual snowfall during February,  the weather is very cold.  The average temperature can range from 4 degrees during the day and -6 degrees at night time, although some of the higher altitude resorts can often stay in minus figures during the whole 24 hours.  It is therefore important to dress appropriately with waterproof clothing and plenty of layers to keep you warm, especially when it comes time for the Apres Ski!  Apres Ski in Andorra is very popular and the resorts offer a good selection of restaurants, bars and even nightclubs to enjoy your time off the pistes.  Some of the resorts have a very vibrant nightlife, such as Pas de la Casa which often attracts some of the young at heart that enjoy the whole social atmosphere of the ski holiday. 

February is also a very popular month for families. Half-term holidays in the UK and Ireland are normally very busy weeks, falling between the second and third week of February. Accommodation can get booked out quite quickly so prices tend to go up.  It is important to reserve your holiday accommodation as early as possible to avoid disappointment and keep the prices to a minimum.  Likewise, the half term week means that the kindergartens and ski-schools (especially the group lessons) can get full in no time.  Early booking is highly recommended especially if you want morning lessons.

For those people that need ski-school, especially the little ones that are just learning, it is important to remember that the group-lesson ski-schools for both adults and children almost always start on a Monday, so it is a good idea to book your accommodation for arrival on a Sunday.  

The first and last weeks of February tend to be more economical than the half term weeks with regards to accommodation, however, remembering that it is still considered “peak” season so expect it to be busy.

For those that want a little break from the slopes, Andorra has plenty of other activities to enjoy, and, not to mention the duty free shopping.  Andorra La Vella, the capital of Andorra has a modern and lively shopping district, where you can browse the shops and pick up all of those duty free gifts.  Public transport is regular and reasonably priced.

 If you visit Andorra la Vella, the Caldea Spa is also worth a visit. One of the largest spas in Europe it offers great family facilities as well as “adult only” spa for some well-earned relaxation. Massages and beauty treatments are  also available.    

What is it like skiing in Andorra in December?

December is typically the  start of the ski season in Andorra, although some resorts may open earlier depending on the weather conditions.  Snow coverage is normally reliable and the resorts usually use artificial snow machines when necessary to ensure that the slopes are maintained and kept well groomed.  In the years where snowfall has been scarce at the beginning of the season, the pistes will open bit by bit until there is full snow coverage. The ski stations work tirelessly and professionally to ensure that the conditions are at the best they can be at all times.   It is a good idea to choose a resort in one of the higher altitude ski areas of Grandvalira or Vallnord to ensure that you have the best snow conditions possible.

The weather can be particularly cold in December,  so make sure you have the appropriate clothing. You can expect an average of 3 or 4 degrees during the day and about -6 degrees at night time, so it is a good idea to layer up with clothing, especially when you go for your apres ski !

The Spanish bank holiday known as the December “puente”, from the 6th to 8th December can be a very busy time, when the Spanish winter sports lovers like to take advantage of the extra, long weekend.  The hotels and accommodation get booked up quite quickly during the “puente” so it's a good idea to reserve your accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment and higher prices.   

December is a very popular month, especially in the festive season where it can get busy and crowded. Christmas time is when the resorts tend to fill up so if you do not like crowds you may want to consider coming earlier in the month when it is not quite so busy.      

During the festive season the hotels and resorts are beautifully decorated and there are usually plenty of other events and activities, making it a very magical time.  Most of the resorts have their own activities, like Christmas markets with festive  fun & games for the children. It's a great time for families and friends to enjoy the festivities with the luxury of the scenic backdrop of snowy mountains.  The Capital, Andorra la Vella is definitely worth a visit during this time of year. You may also see Santa swooshing down the slopes at some point !

December in Andorra is almost always a guaranteed White Christmas in the snow for all the family !!

Ski school is particularly popular at this time of year, when the instructors are readily available and have just started their season, so enthusiasm is optimum. This makes December a great time for both beginners, to start their ski experience, and the more experienced to improve their ski and snowboarding skills.

Shopping in Andorra

Andorra, apart from skiing, snowboarding and hiking, is known as a “tax-free” haven. For this reason, duty free shopping is also an important part of the holiday for many that come to Andorra to enjoy their winter sports. 

You will find a number of shops in all of the resorts, especially in Pas de la Casa, and the more residential towns,  however the main shopping area is in the capital city of Andorra La Vella and in the neighbouring town of Escaldes-Engordany. Andorra La Vella is a busy, modern and  totally charming little city that is well worth a visit. There are a wide variety of stores, from high-end, designer boutiques that sell all of the luxury brands, through to outlets selling budget friendly goods and duty free articles. Combining a shopping trip into the capital with a visit to the famous Caldea Spa and enjoying a great meal in one of the many restaurants/bars makes for a great afternoon/evening out. Public transport is regular and reliable to get you there and back.

Perfumes and cosmetics are possibly the most sought after duty free products and you can take advantage of the much discounted prices to purchase your favourite perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products.  

Tobacco and alcohol are another favourite for the bargain hunters, with prices very competitive for most brands. Do not, however, forget that duty-free restrictions will apply when entering back into Spain or France and even into your own country.

Jewellery and watches are greatly sought after in Andorra.  You will find many shops selling top brand prestige watches as well as fine jewellery and accessories, especially in the capital city. Many people visit Andorra just to purchase watches.  

Being a popular winter sport and hiking territory, you will find sports shops all over Andorra. Many of these rent the ski/snowboard equipment but also have all the clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories for sale. There is no shortage of sports shops all over the country offering all of the top brands as well as lesser known brands for those on more of a budget. Towards the end of the season you can benefit from the “end of season” sales to purchase your favourite brands at discounted prices.

In the capital city you will find a wide selection of designer stores for clothes, footwear and accessories as well as some more traditional high-street shops that we are all familiar with.  As far as “fashion” is concerned, there is something for every budget if you fancy renewing a bit of your wardrobe.  

There is no shortage of “electrical” stores in Andorra. You can purchase everything tech, including the latest mobile phones, pcs, tablets, headphones, cameras and other devices.

Do not forget the souvenir and artisan shops that you will find in every resort.   Andorra is a very proud little country and you can always pick up a little souvenir of your ski holiday.  There are some great artisanal foods, especially cheeses and cured meats that you can purchase to remind you of your holiday in Andorra.

In summary, you can take advantage of the tax-free shopping prices for many goods, but always remember to consult the “restrictions” applicable on certain products and keep receipts of any important purchases just in case of being stopped by customs officers.  

Have fun !!


Public transport in Andorra

Public transport is a great way to get around Andorra and explore the local attractions and incredible scenery offered by this little country.

In general the public buses are a great way to get around, bearing in mind that most of the bus lines are generated to and from the capital of Andorra La Vella to the outlying towns and resorts. The public bus service is regular, reasonably priced and reliable.  Most of the services run every half hour (or less), with a more limited service on Sundays and official public holidays. The tickets can be bought directly from the bus driver on the bus itself.  Prices are based on the length of your trip/where you are travelling to.  With Andorra being such a small country, it never takes too long to get anywhere ! A trip into the capital of Andorra La Vella to take in the sights and enjoy some duty-free shopping is a great idea for an afternoon/evening off the slopes.  Remember that you also have the famous Caldea Spa, the largest in Southern Europe, which is almost a “must visit” for many coming to Andorra for their ski holidays. There are many other attractions throughout Andorra for you to visit, depending on your requirements. It is always worth checking at your hotel reception to see what they have available and you can check out the leaflets for activities, excursions and visits.   

The main public bus lines are:

L4.   Runs to and from Pas de la Casa to Andorra La Vella, passing through Soldeu, El Tarter, Canillo and Encamp.   Normally running every 30 minutes (hourly on a Sunday and bank holiday)

L5.  Runs to and from Arinsal to Andorra La Vella, passing through La Massana.  This bus line is also every 30 minutes (hourly on a Sunday and bank holiday)

L6.  Runs to and from Ordino & Arcalis to Andorra La Vella and is more regular (every 20 minutes on average).

The “Express” and “Circular” lines go to Escaldes-Engordany and around Andorra la Vella respectively.  Again, these are regular lines.

It should be mentioned that the local bus service does not run late at night and the last buses are always at around 21.30-22.00H.  If you wanted to have a later evening outside of your resort you would have to take a taxi.

For the exact bus time table in any season for the local bus service, you can consult the web page:

Taxis are also available for use in Andorra. There are plenty available to flag down in the capital of Andorra La Vella, and the main taxi rank is located by the bus station in Andorra La Vella. Taxis are not as readily available to flag down in some of the ski resorts, so you would have to book these either through the hotel reception or on-line yourself by down-loading an app. Both Uber and Cabify also operate in Andorra, so plenty of options are available for you

New Year Skiing In Andorra

If you are looking to celebrate the New Year in Andorra, you cannot go wrong ! It really can be a very memorable experience.  

Andorra does not have its own “New Year's” traditions, but tends to combine the Spanish and French traditions along with those of its “guests”. A lot of the hotels will have special gala dinners, as will most of the restaurants, which often need to be booked in advance.  Some will take on the Spanish tradition of eating the 12 grapes with the 12 chimes of midnight, bringing good luck for the next year.  

Most of the resorts will see in the New Year with incredible firework displays from the mountains, which, with the snow-covered backdrop, lends to a stunning and magical experience. There is nothing quite like it.

Andorra, you will find, will be decorated throughout the festive season both the resorts and the hotels. It is hard not to get into that special festive holiday mood. It is such a beautiful and magical time.

On occasions, some of the resorts offer “midnight” skiing to bring in the New Year with a thrill.  Some resorts also have “Countdown Celebrations” with parties in designated public areas. The Apres Ski celebrations often go on until the early hours.  Hotels and resorts often put on extra activities, with DJs and dancing to welcome in the New Year with a party. Most of the bars and restaurants will have extended opening hours with special food and drinks menus as well as entertainment, to make sure its a memorable experience for everyone.  

New Year's Eve is almost always a very late night/early morning celebration, so be prepared for a lively night with plenty of sparkling wine and lots of fun.  New Year's day, in the morning, is usually very quiet on the slopes !!!!  For those that don't like the late nights, it's a great time for a good ski with hardly any traffic on the slopes.  

It is always recommended, as with any holiday period, to book and plan your skiing accommodation and other activities well in advance to avoid disappointment. Prices can soar nearer to the time and the hotels can get booked up very quickly.  Also remember to book your gala dinners and parties. Ski school, especially for beginners,  should also be booked well in advance over this period. Many families come to enjoy what's left of the school holidays so the kindergartens, snow garden and ski schools can get very booked up.

Whether you are a group of friends, a couple or a family this will be an unforgettable celebration. Happy New Year !!!

Luxury hotels in Andorra

Andorra offers a good choice of luxurious and high-end hotels to cater for those travellers seeking the finest accommodation combined with the best amenities. Andorra, being a tax-free state, attracts many travellers seeking duty free prestige watches, jewellery and designer clothing and accessories. So it is in the capital city of Andorra La Vella where most of the 5* luxury hotels are located, especially near the shopping district. There are, however, some luxury hotels in the ski resorts, mainly Soldeu, for those that prefer to combine their winter sports with total pampering. 

Here are a few of the most emblematic luxury hotels in Andorra:

Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa. 5* Located in the centre of Soldeu, this five-star hotel is renowned for its luxurious accommodations and world-class spa facilities. It features elegant rooms and suites with classy mountain-style decoration, gourmet dining options, and a breathtaking, state-of-the-art spa with indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, and a range of wellness treatments.  All of this combined with amazing views overlooking the pistes and mountains of Soldeu.  

Park Piolets Mountain Hotel & Spa. 5*  Situated in the resort of Soldeu, this recently refurbished hotel offers a combination of spacious, luxury rooms and suites with beautiful views of the mountains and some incredible amenities. The restaurant has panoramic views of the mountains to enhance the dining experience. The modern spa and wellness centre is very special, offering outdoor yet private views. Includes indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzis, saunas and a good variety of treatments. There is an extensive gymnasium for those that enjoy a workout. This hotel also offers a large monitored play area for children making it a popular hotel for families as well.  

Hotel Princesa Parc Excellence. 5* Part of the Princesa Parc Mountain Resort and Spa, probably the most emblematic hotel in the resort village of Arinsal, known to be a firm family favourite resort. This hotel was recently renamed (was the Diana Parc) along with the refurbishment and upgrading of the spa area. This hotel enjoys shared facilities with its sister hotel, Princesa Parc (4*) which include the luxurious spa area, childrens play area, indoor bowling alley and games room. You can enjoy elegantly decorated rooms with those little added touches to make your stay extra special.  The elegant dining room, with a la carte dining, sweeps you back in time to a decadent era. The great thing about this hotel is that you can opt for informal buffet-style dining in the sister hotel if you prefer, which is sometimes a great option for our littler ones - the choice is yours!

Grau Roig Boutique Hotel & Spa. 5* This hidden away little gem of a hotel just oozes luxury and class. With only 42 rooms (5 different room and suite types) you will find yourself surrounded with peace and tranquillity - quite literally a “get away from it all” in the middle of the Grau Roig ski area between Soldeu and Pas de la Casa.  Secluded, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy ski resorts, this hotel is designed for rest and relaxation. Each room has its own, stylish decoration based on the mountain decor of wood, leather and fur.  Gastronomy and wine are very much at the forefront for guests with 4 different speciality restaurants to satisfy any gourmet taste bud. Relax in the spa that has everything from indoor pool, steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool. A choice of wellness treatments is also available. For those travelling with children, there is also a kids club.

Other 5* hotels to mention in Andorra would be the Serras Andorra, near to Soldeu in the Vall d’Incles with modern yet traditional style, spacious rooms in a beautiful mountain setting.  In Andorra la Vella and the nearby area of Escaldes-Engordany the Grand Plaza Hotel & Wellness is a firm favourite with those little touches of extravagant luxury. The Andorra Park Hotel and Hotel MIM Andorra are also very centrally located near to the capital.

On a side-note, it is also important to remember that Andorra boasts many 4 star hotels with excellent facilities and competitive prices that are firm favourites with both couples, families and even groups and not as indulgent on the budget as some of the more exclusive 5* establishments.


Is skiing in Andorra good for beginners?

Andorra is a great option for anyone wanting to start their ski experience. There is a great choice of resorts with ski schools offering group and private lessons for all ages and abilities.  

Andorra offers ski schools in all of the main resorts and beginners can benefit from the experience of the international instructors who cater perfectly for those starting their ski journey as well as improving the more experienced skiers.  

The group lessons help beginners in a friendly environment with other skiers of the same level.  Starting from the basics of balance, posture and learning the equipment until you are gliding down the slopes. Group lessons are separated for adults/youths and children because different techniques are used according to age. Private lessons can also be arranged but are not as economical as group lessons.

For the young members of the family, aged 3 to 5, the SnowGarden combines learning the basics of skiing alongside fun in the snow, which is very popular for both the children and the parents.  It is important to give smaller children (from 3 years old) the correct introduction to skiing and the snow in general. Each child will respond differently and in their own time so the specialist staff are trained to ensure that the priority is fun for every little person.  

Basically, the ski-schools cater separately for all ages, young and older alike, which makes Andorra perfect for families with children as well as adults that are just beginning their ski adventure.  

It is important to note that the group lessons at the ski-schools almost always start on a Monday, so it is recommended that you arrive at your hotel on a Sunday if you want to take advantage of this service. There is also a “weekend” ski school in the main resorts which give group classes on a Saturday and Sunday for those that prefer a long weekend.

Andorra is known to be one of the most economically popular resorts within Europe where you can learn to ski as a total beginner without breaking the bank. The resorts are quite compact which means that the slopes/schools etc are all relatively close together so there is no need for long treks. There is a wide choice of shops in the resorts to hire your ski equipment ready to get you on your way.

The green and blue runs are normally quite wide with gentle downhills that are perfect for beginners or anyone in the process of learning.  

As a first-time skier, you need to make sure that you have the correct clothing and equipment before taking to the pistes.  The little details like correct skiing socks, lip balm, sunscreen & sunglasses are important for anyone taking to the slopes. Always remember that your holiday insurance should have special coverage for Winter sports to ensure that you are covered for any minor “mishaps”.

Ski holidays have been a major part of the Andorran culture and economy for many years and therefore the resorts have the knowledge and infrastructure to give you the best ski experience.  At the same time Andorra has a spectacularly beautiful mountainous landscape for you to enjoy whilst learning.



Eating out - Arinsal

Whether you have booked self-catering accommodation, bed & breakfast or even half-board in a hotel, many skiers enjoy eating out as part of their apres ski and holiday experience.  Arinsal has a great variety of restaurants and bars to choose from to suit every taste and budget, whether eating out with children, as a couple or a group of friends.  The great thing about eating out in Arinsal, is the International mixture of cuisine.  You can enjoy the typical Andorran mountain soups, stews and meats which are hearty and filling, Spanish and French food which is also dominant as well as the “imported” tastes of the International clientele like Italian, English and Irish.  There really is a great choice and for many people that enjoy their winter sports, good food is an important part of their ski holiday.

Here are some of the most popular eateries in this beautiful village resort:

El Bosc Restaurant: Located in the heart of Arinsal, El Bosc Restaurant offers a cosy atmosphere and a menu featuring a mix of traditional Andorran dishes and international cuisine.  From Italian pizzas and pastas to hamburgers, salads and traditional soups and stews and a variety of tapas.  Something to keep everyone happy.  This restaurant continues to have good ratings from the International clientele for its value for money and remains a popular favourite in Arinsal.   Enjoy the house specialties in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Surf Arinsal: Located in the middle of the village, Surf Arinsal Restaurant & Discoteca is an Argentinian, family-run restaurant.  This restaurant is a mecca for those that love their meat with the speciality, naturally,  being beef.  The Surf is within a medium price range and serves the most succulent cuts of meat that Argentinian cuisine is famous for.  This restaurant also has a large outside terrace for a great apres ski and often has music, DJs and dancing lending to the “Discoteca” part of the name.  Surf Arinsal continues to be a firm favourite for skiers and the reviews confirm this popularity.

El Cabin Bar Restaurant, was previously known as Quo Vadis.  Recently under new management, this bar & restaurant is a firm favourite for the Apres Ski clients.  Boasting a picturesque terrace next to the river in central Arinsal, this is a must-visit for atmosphere, good food and value for money.  A good choice of dishes to suit everyone with a mixture from typical Andorra to popular favourites such as pizzas and woks.  There is even a gondola in the middle of the terrace for a quirky twist. 

The Factory, Pizzeria located just by the public car park by the gondola in Arinsal.  Serving mainly pizzas and hamburgers and salads.  Prices are very reasonable and The Factory is a firm favourite for the kids.  

Hunters Sports Bar & Grill is located in the centre of the village and is extremely popular for its friendly atmosphere and excellent food.  Typical home-made pub grub there is a great choice on the menu to suit everyone.  They have everything from pizzas to noodles to BBQ ribs and even good old Fish & Chips. A very popular restaurant with both tourists and locals.  

Coffee Mountain near the gondola in Arinsal is a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach.  Excellent reviews for this lovely little coffee shop.  Serving healthy home-made breakfasts and cakes as a speciality.  The Coffee Mountain also makes home-made sushi for those that love Japanese food. Great value for money and a healthy alternative.

Restaurant 360 Eatery & Bar is another firm favourite in Arinsal.  Centrally located close to the gondola, this restaurant is very popular for their varied menu and excellent service.  There is also an outdoor terrace for al fresco apres ski.  Prices are competitive and their menu has a great selection of homemade dishes, with the fondue being one of the favourites.  Vegetarian options are also available.  Your favourite sports are also shown on the TVs which is a big plus for a lot of clients.

El Xalet restaurant enjoys stunning mountain views set in the centre of Arinsal, in the Hotel Montane.  There is a relaxed atmosphere and a menu featuring a mix of Spanish and international dishes. Enjoy tapas, grilled meats, seafood paella, and much, much  more while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

La Tasca is a cosy restaurant and well known for its great selection of wines.  A varied menu leaning towards the traditional and Spanish cuisine although there are international options.  In the centre of Arinsal, set in the Hotel Arinsal there is a welcoming vibe about this eatery. 

The Derby Irish Pub is a firm favourite in Arinsal for your Apres Ski.  Plenty of fun here with a great atmosphere and traditional pub fayre.  Very friendly and attentive staff, great home-made food and live entertainment.  What more can you ask for ? 

Fugazzeta Pizza & Cafe is becoming a firm favourite for many people visiting Arinsal.  A good varied menu with vegan and vegetarian options included.  A great place to keep all of the family happy.

Remember that there are many more places to eat and drink.  It is always worth checking them out on the usual social media sites to see what other people are saying about the venue.

Bon Appetit !


Christmas skiing in Andorra

What can be better than a guaranteed “White Christmas” whilst skiing down the slopes in the beautiful Pyrenees? The Christmas season in Andorra is truly magical.  

You will find the resorts and the hotels beautifully decorated throughout for that festive atmosphere. It really is something special. The mountains are covered in snow and your general backdrop is what picture postcards are made of.

Many families and couples love to come skiing at christmastime. The whole atmosphere, with twinkling lights and roaring log fires, hot chocolate and mulled wine lends itself to the perfect idea of festive fun.  

Most of the hotels and resorts have special christmas programmes, including gala dinners, and christmas parties to make your time there more enjoyable.   Some of the resorts will have special events, with DJs and live music for those that like to party. You should ask the reception at your hotel what activities are planned in your resort or close by.  

Late December is usually a great time for skiing in Andorra. The slopes should be covered in snow and your ski and snowboard experience should be great.  The ski stations work tirelessly to maintain the pistes at optimum levels.  Santa, himself, has been known to fly down those slopes in Andorra on more than one occasion, much to the delight of the children (and adults) who get to see him. Apparently, he has even been seen snowboarding down the pistes and has visited the children's ski school a few times too. What more could you ask for to make the perfect Christmas for the kids ?

There are a lot of families at this time, so remember to get booked as early as possible if you want ski-school, especially in the mornings, because these are amongst the busiest days in Andorra, especially with children and beginners.

Don't forget to have a little visit to the capital, Andorra La Vella if you get the chance. To see the city lit up for Christmas and enjoy a little duty free shopping into the bargain, is the icing on the cake. You can combine this with a trip to the famous Caldea Spa which is a fantastic experience. There are special childrens and adult-only areas, so everyone is welcome. The public transport in Andorra is reliable and relatively cheap, so it's definitely worth a ride out if you have the time.

Remember that the festive weeks are high season, so Andorra is alive with families and friends celebrating. It is important to make sure that you book your accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment. Prices can go up quite steeply nearer to the dates, and availability is not always guaranteed.   

So, have yourselves a unique and truly magical Christmas time. Ho Ho Ho!


Child friendly family hotels in Andorra

Andorra is one of the favourite ski destinations in Europe for families.  Whether your family has younger or older children, your family dynamic is perfectly catered for in Andorra.

We all know how important it is that the children are catered for in order that the family holiday is exactly what we all hoped for.  In general, Andorra is family-friendly in most hotels, but some families may need that extra touch for their children, especially in the case of younger children, so that parents can also enjoy their holiday to the maximum.

We all need to keep in mind that budget also plays an important part in choosing your hotel and resort of preference.  If you want “free” child care to the maximum in your hotel, you must remember that, at the end of the day, this will cost you in the location and category of your hotel.  There are also many hotels that have facilities for children that are far more budget friendly, but without the “free” monitored child care.

The resort that you choose is also important when it comes to families.  The most popular being Arinsal, which is known to be the “mecca” for a lot of family holidays in Andorra. The ski schools, kindergartens and slopes, in general, lend perfectly to a family ski holiday.  There are, however, other locations such as La Massana and Soldeu that are equally equipped and popular.  Pas de la Casa, being one of the larger resorts in Andorra, also has family friendly hotels, but tends to lean more towards older children.  It is important to mention that, to date, the only resorts that offer group snowboard lessons for children under 12 are Soldeu, El Tarter and Canillo.  The other resorts are from 12 years and older.  

When choosing your hotel, there are various factors to be considered, apart from the facilities in each hotel, like proximity to the gondolas and ski schools and the ages of the children, budget  and requirements for your family.  Whilst most hotels in Andorra are family orientated, we have listed below some of the most popular with our clients in each of our most popular resorts.  It is important, however, to remember that almost all of the hotels in Andorra are family-friendly.  These are just some of the more emblematic child/family-friendly:


Princesa Parc Mountain Resort & Spa.

Made up of the Princesa Parc (4*) and Princesa Parc Excellence (5*) - a two-in-one hotel.  The Princesa Parc is probably the most popular hotel in Arinsal, and one of the most popular in the whole of Andorra, when it comes to families.  The two parts of this hotel have shared facilities including a children's play area, indoor pool & spa as well as an indoor bowling alley and games room.   The Princesa Parc is strategically placed very close to the gondola and to the centre of Arinsal, which is well known for its kindergarten, Snow Garden & Ski School, very much focused on family holidays.  One of the few hotels that offers a “drinks & spa” option with half board to help the family budget with no hidden extras.  The rooms, in general, are very spacious and there are even “themed” rooms especially for families with smaller children.  An absolute favourite amongst many clients that return year after year for the excellent service/facilities and ideal location.

Ushuai Mountain Hotel

The Ushuai Mountain Hotel is one of the few ski-in ski-out hotels in Andorra.  Located right next to the ski chair taking you up to the ski station in Arinsal, this hotel has everything to offer for families.  The proximity of the chair lift is ideal for families with children and the rooms are both comfortable and very spacious.  There is a spa area for relaxation as well as a great children's indoor play room to keep the little ones entertained after a day on the slopes.  This hotel continues to be popular with many families for this reason.


Magic Ski Hotel & Hotel Magic La Massana

These sister hotels, located very close to each other, continue to be great favourites with families in the resort (town) of La Massana.   The Magic Ski is actually built around the gondola in La Massana taking you directly to the ski station of Pal (which is part of the Vallnord ski area of Andorra, connecting Arinsal, Pal & Arcalis).  The Hotel Magic La Massana is less than 50 metres away, so both are strategically located for access to the gondola and ski stations, which is ideal for families, especially with smaller children.  Both of these hotels have indoor pools and spa/wellness facilities as well as gyms.  As in most hotels in Andorra, use of the spa areas come with local charges so families must be aware of this.  Both hotels have children's play areas (free of charge) and the rooms are spacious for families with children.  These hotels continue to be firm favourites with families because of their location, facilities and budget friendly rates.  La Massana, being more of a “small town” rather  than just a ski resort, also offers other activities for families, like the Comic museum and the Iron Forge museum.  Its proximity to the capital city of Andorra La Vella on public transport also ensures its popularity for a family ski holiday to include other activities.

RESORT: SOLDEU (Grandvalira)

Soldeu, as a resort, is possibly the most “up-market” ski resort in Andorra when it comes to category and pricing.  Due to its location in the centre of the Grandvalira ski area, and famous for its wide slopes, it gives the perfect destination for families, especially for families with children and/or beginners.  Although Soldeu is not as budget-friendly as Arinsal, it certainly has some of the best family catered hotels in the whole of Andorra and continues to be extremely popular.  

Parc Piolets & Spa Hotel

This recently refurbished 5* hotel, whilst not in everybody’s budget, is a fabulous destination for families.  The children's play area, which has a large “free of charge” monitored children's play area, is great for the little ones to let off any extra steam that they have after a day on the slopes and gives the parents a well-deserved break to enjoy their “ relax” time in an amazing spa and wellness centre or even just a couple of hours of apres-ski “hands-free”!  The rooms are a good size and everything you need at your door-step.  Although not that close to the gondola in Soldeu, there is a continuous shuttle bus, which saves the exertion of walking for the whole family.  

Sport Hotel

The Sport Hotel in Soldeu has one of the most impressive children's play areas of any of the hotels in Andorra.  Children (and parents) will be impressed by the facilities here.  There is a very large, free-of-charge, monitored children's club which allows the little ones (of all ages) to let off their excess energy whilst the parents have the luxury of a little bit of “down-time”.  The Sport Hotel has the added bonus of being “attached” to the Sports Village, from where the gondola is located, and also the amazing spa of the Sports Hermitage Hotel.  This hotel continues to be very popular for its facilities and service, bringing back clients year after year.  

Piolets Soldeu Centre

Another family favourite due to its location near to the gondolas and its facilities, the Piolets Soldeu Centre attracts families with children of all ages.  The facilities include an indoor pool and spa area as well as children's play area.  As in many hotels, you should take note that there are specific times for children to use the pool facilities and these should normally be booked at reception beforehand.  There will usually be local charges for the use of the pool area.  Close to the gondola at less than 5 minutes walking distance keeps it very popular.

RESORT:  EL TARTER (Grandvalira)

El Tarter is a smaller resort, but adjoined to the Grandvalira ski area and has all of the ski facilities for families (ski-school, snow garden etc).   Very close to Soldeu, El Tarter has many self-catering apartments on offer but also has a few, popular family-friendly hotels to offer for those that prefer a “catered” holiday.

Nordic Hotel & Apartments

This emblematic hotel is a firm favourite and almost-guaranteed repeater for anyone that stays there.  It boasts a “ski to door” location at the foot of El Tarter, very close to the gondola. This hotel offers the ability for self-catering in the apartments (adjoined) with the benefit of catering (bed & breakfast or half board) of a hotel.  So, for families, it is an ideal location.    This hotel offers an indoor pool, spa & wellness (free of charge for hotel guests) as well as an indoor bowling alley.  Another favourite for repeat clients and always popular with families for its combination of location and facilities.

Euroski Mountain Resort Hotel

The Euroski Mountain Resort is nestled in the Vall d’Incles (between El Tarter and Soldeu).  Although not in the centre of either resort, the hotel has everything to give a family a fabulous ski holiday.  There is a great child's play area and one of the larger indoor pools to be found in any hotels (over 3 years old only).  As in most hotels this will come at an extra cost.  At the same time, the Euroski is one of the most budget friendly hotels in the area for its category, giving you access to Grandvalira and all that it has to offer.  Spectacular views from the pool are a bonus here.  There is a regular, free of charge, shuttle service to El Tarter gondola to save those little (and longer) legs.

RESORT - PAS DE LA CASA (Grandvalira)

Although Pas de la Casa is known to be the most “lively” resort in Andorra, with its many bars, restaurants, shopping and nightlife, it also caters very well for families, especially those with older children and teenagers.  Attention, however, should be paid when looking for self-catering apartments because many of these are situated away from the gondola/ski lifts (which can lend to a longer than wanted walk) and often cater for groups which don't always lend to a family-friendly environment, especially when there are younger  children.  There are, however, a few hotels that cater well for families with children and Pas de la Casa continues to be a very popular resort due to its accessibility to the slopes of Grandvalira and its fabulous ski and snowboard schools.    


This hotel has recently been under new management and seems to have taken on board a family-friendly focus.  Located at just 50 metres from the ski station it can boast an ideal location.  The hotel has an indoor swimming pool and spa area, again with local charges, and has a lovely lounge area and children's play zone.  The rooms are quite spacious and ideal for families.  A firm favourite for those that love Pas de la Casa and all that it has to offer.


The Hotel Magic Pas is one of the most popular hotels in Pas de la Casa, with its spacious rooms, spa area and ideal location (approximately 100m from the chair lifts).  As with most hotels in Pas de la Casa, you will not find many facilities designed specifically for small children, however it is a firm favourite with many families, especially those with slightly older children.