How Does Andorra Celebrate Christmas?

Posted in Andorra Christmas by Brett on 21st November 2018

It’s always fascinating to see how different cultures celebrate Christmas in different ways. Most of us are familiar with the Americanised Father Christmas, however in other parts of Europe people still follow traditions that may seem peculiar to us and Andorra is certainly no exception.

While Andorra has adopted many of the Christmas traditions familiar to people in Northern and Western Europe it continues to follow traditions that can be traced back to the middle ages.

In line with most of the rest of Europe, Christmas decorations are likely to be up from the beginning of December in time for the start of the main ski season. So unlike some European destinations you can certainly feel the Christmas spirit and spectacle all around you.

If you are travelling with family, kids may find one tradition in Andorra amusing.

Alongside the usual Father Christmas parades, kids in Andorra look forward to seeking out a character called ‘The Caganer’ which can be translated to English as the ‘shitter’.

The Caganar is usually a clay figure who sits with his pants down and is hidden amongst nativity scenes and children are encouraged to track him down. The character is said to bring good look and improve fertility.

Continuing on the toilet theme an additional tradition called ‘Caga Tio’ or ‘shit log’ is tossed on the fire throughout December and brings children nuts to eat for Christmas. Luckily with the arrival of Santa Claus, children in Andorra can now look forward to more than a pack of nuts and a shit log for Christmas.

Christmas on the Slopes of Grandvalira

The ski slopes are magical places to be at Christmas wherever they are in the world but in Grandvalira there are always plenty of activities for all the family as well as apres ski events to look forward to.

While snow and Christmas lights are virtually guaranteed on a winter ski holiday in Andorra, you will also find children’s favourites including  the Bababoom Circus in El Tarter, Mon(t) Magic in Canillo, and the Imaginarium in Grau Roig.

There is also the visit of Santa Claus and the Three Kings to look forward to and a number of foodie events. For Andorran’s Christmas is all about celebration and good food!