Guide To Booking Your Group Ski Lessons In Andorra

Posted in Uncategorised by Brett on 22nd March 2019

Booking your group ski lessons in Andorra is pretty much the same as anywhere else. It is likely that your group will include people with a range of abilities and quite possibly people who see there level as higher than others will see it! We’ve all seen the novice skier who is able to hurtle down the slope in a straight line but has absolutely no idea how to turn.

Fortunately, no matter what your level of ability is, taking a group ski lesson in Andorra will be the best investment you can make. At the very least it will help improve your safety on the slopes and improve your enjoyment if you’re a bit nervous.

Group ski schools in Andorra tend to break things down into the following categories:

This is of course the starting point for all ski slope newbies. As a beginner you will learn some very important lessons including, how to put on your skis, balance on them and how to stop. Even mastering the ski lift can be a challenge for those not used to them.

It can take the best part of a week for some people to get to a level where they feel comfortable skiing even on beginner blue slopes. When this happens you will be ready to learn parallel turns which will be important when slopes get steeper and more bumpy. If you have some experience of skiing but it was a long time ago, you may find it worthwhile to spend some time with the beginner to make sure you’re ready for more advanced skiing.

Most people remain in the novice group for several seasons but for those who are able to parallel ski with confidence and tackle red runs without constantly falling over, intermediate group ski lessons are a great way to improve further. Some of the skills taught at intermediate level include how to carve, use ski edges for greater control and how to cope with challenging slopes.

Advanced skiers are the ones you see glide effortlessly down impossibly steep looking black runs but even here ski lessons can be a good idea to polish up technique further. Off piste will offer more of a challenge for advanced skiers but it’s a good idea brush up on the skills required to ski more challenging terrain and learn how to avoid some of the dangers that come with skiing off piste.