Getting From Barcelona to Andorra

Posted in Andorra Airport Transfers by Brett on 18th July 2019

If you have done your research on ski holidays in Andorra then you will probably have already found out that there are no direct flights to this tiny country from the UK.

Fortunately, we’re not living in the 1980s  which means it is quite easy to get anywhere in the world nowadays and, when it comes to flying in the EU, amazingly cheap!  The best place to fly if you are aiming to get to Andorra with the minimum of fuss is Barcelona.

The airport is well served from all over Europe and it’s high up on most people’s lists of must visit cities.  Combine this with a warm climate which averages 15 degrees even in December and January and flights are always in demand making this a cheap destination compared to many other cities in Europe.

At the time of writing a flight with Easyjet from Manchester Airport to Barcelona cost just £85  return for 2 people.   This is less than the price of a meal for 2 with wine in some restaurants!  To lock in these sorts of prices it is of course important to book early as the later you leave it the more it will cost to fly.

Andorra also benefits from its reasonably close proximity to Barcelona.   A bus will take just 3 hours to transport you from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona to the Pyrenees and on to the ski slopes of Andorra.

Many people even choose to combine some sightseeing prior to heading to Andorra for skiing and duty free shopping in winter.

Aside from catching the bus from Barcelona there are also private shuttles available to book from our website and there is also the option of flying to Toulouse airport. Transfer times from both locations are available here.