How To Enjoy An Andorra Ski Holiday On A Budget

Posted in Andorra ski tips by Brett on 17th February 2019

Skiing can be expensive compared to other types of holiday. Unlike a holiday on the beach you will have to factor in equipment, special warm clothing and transfers to remote mountainous regions into your holiday budgeting.

Fortunately, ski holidays in Andorra are not going to cost you an arm and a leg compared to destinations such as Austria and Switzerland. But if you are still wondering how you can stretch your budget even further, here are some top tips on how you can save on your ski trip to Andorra.

Booking accommodation

Accommodation is going to be the biggest cost to consider on your holiday. If you don’t wish to splash out on 4 and 5 star accommodation in Andorra, you can always opt for budget self catering accommodation.

That way you not only save on the costs of your room but you can also avoid the extra spending on food that comes with booking half board and so on. One thing you do need to consider is skiing out in the cold means you burn a lot of calories which means you eat more. So it may work out cheaper to have at least some of the meals prepaid as part of a half board hotel stay.

Another option is to book for 5 rather than 7 days which can make a significant difference to the overall cost of the holiday.

You can see a full list of accommodation options to suit all budgets here from self catering apartments to hotels.

Ski equipment

You can spend several thousand pounds on good ski equipment and then there are the transportation costs to add on top. While airlines will accommodate your extra ski equipment this will come at an extra cost so if you only ski occasionally or are trying it for the first time, hiring your equipment can make more financial sense. The same applies to children who will rapidly grow out of their ski equipment.

You will sometimes find there are special offers available on ski hire and particularly for children. Have a look at our ski hire page here While you can book all the ski equipment when you arrive, it will often save you money to book in advance or take advantage of free ski hire offers.

When it comes to the more light weight equipment like goggles and gloves and helmets it is probably better to purchase these. There are plenty of stores in the UK which offer ski equipment far cheaper than you will find it in shops abroad.


Andorra doesn’t actually have its own airport but it is easily accessible from Toulouse in France and Barcelona. There are several routes operating from the UK to these destinations so it is worth checking prices from your nearest airports to get the best deal.

It is possible for example to get a flight to Barcelona from as little as £14 in ski season and outside of the major holiday periods.

With budget airlines you will usually get the best deals by booking well in advance within weeks of seats being released for flights. Leaving it late can mean prices can double or even triple.


You will find there are plenty of shuttle bus and private transfer options when you arrive at Toulouse, Barcelona El Prat or other regional airports. The cost of transfers will depend on the distance travelled and where your accommodation is located. Again if you book your transfers in advance you can take advantage of any special offers and also avoid any hassle and potentially higher costs when you arrive at the airport.

Barcelona El Prat to Andorra – Daily – 10.00 to 22.00 – Every 2 hours.

Toulouse to Andorra – Daily – 11.00, 15.30 or 20.00 hours

More information on transfers can be found on our dedicated page here


Lift passes

If you have never been skiing before lift passes might sound like an optional extra when in fact they are essential if you want to access the slopes. It is advisable to book lift passes in advance to get the best deals and some hotels will offer free ski packages as part of a package that comes with your room booking.

In Andorra you can get a lift pass covering all the main resorts so you can ski wherever you want. Kids under 5 also benefit from free lift passes in Andorra’s ski resorts. More details on Andorra lift passes can be found here

So if there is one piece of advice to sum up, it is to plan ahead and book everything in advance to make sure you don’t blow your budget when you arrive.